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The Afri-Tours Adventure Centre offers an assortment of cultural, historical and adventure tours. Tours range from half-day to full-day tours.

Join the popular Soweto Tour, a must when visiting Johannesburg, it departs every day to take you to the most unique and interesting area in South Africa. The name Soweto (SOuth WEst TOwnship) conjures up images of tin shacks and starving people, but did you know that there are more millionaires in Soweto than anywhere else in the country? Another popular day tour is the Lion Park, a fabulous opportunity to get the big cats on film, but that's not all - how do you fancy a cuddle with the kittens? There are also day tours available in the more out of the way places, so if your brothers friends cousin did something really exciting last year when he was here, that you have just GOT to do, then send us an e-mail and we'll do our best to find the day tour for you!

AfriTours Adventure Centre
AfriTours Adventure Centre
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